Bark & Stone


We have all the bark and stone you need to complete your low-maintenance flower or shrub beds, or to make a path in your garden.

Through the garden centre, down in the racked section of our yard, you will find a huge selection of stone chippings. The stone comes in all shapes, colours and sizes, in both tonne and half tonne bags.

We also sell a selection of stone chippings and our most popular size of bark loose, by the bobcat scoop.

We have a great selection of stone chippings in 20kg and 25kg bags from as little as €5.00 a bag!

Our staff can explain to you how much you need for your chosen section, and then upload the bags, or fill bobcat scoops and empty them into your open trailer.

If you don't have a suitable trailer we can organize delivery for you with a local haulage company.

Bark and stone fo sale in Galway

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