Funeral Flowers

We understand funerals are an extremely distressing and emotional time for family members. We have years of experience in liaising sensitively and sensibly with the bereaved customers.  Often family members have specific ideas on what they would like. We do our utmost to translate these ideas into reality while delivering an affordable solution.

Lots of factors need to be taken into consideration such as to the time of year for flower type and colour availability. We are always honest with people as to whether an idea will work or not to ensure our customer’s expectations are fulfilled.

We create fresh and artificial flower wreaths or sprays in all sizes, shapes and colours. The more elaborate and bigger pieces are, the more time it will take to prepare.

We also offer many follow on services including

  • Grave preparation ideas
  • Ground membrane
  • Stone chippings
  • Grave plaques
  • Artificial grass for covering the grave
  • Potted containers for graves
  • Bedding plants for graves
  • Decorative stone

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