At McGaugh’s Gardening Complex, we stock a huge range of flower and vegetable seeds.

Over the years we have been known for our “wall of seeds”. Each year we offer thousands of packs of seed from at least three seed companies. This year we have engaged with Mr. Fothergills, Unwins and Thompson and Morgan.

grow your own fresh veg

Grow Your Own Veg!

We carry a large range of the most widely grown seeds like carrots, parsnips, turnips, lettuce of all varieties and colours, scallions, onions and cabbages. For beginners, we stock several varieties of peas and beans.  We also stock F1 seed which is a little more expensive but has a higher germination rate and lots of more unusual varieties for those with green fingers to experiment with. In recent years seed companies have chosen varieties of “seed of the year” or special colours of your everyday vegetable like rainbow mix tomatoes and bright lights chard.

Flower Seeds

We offer a huge range of flower seeds, the most popular of which is the bedding plant range such as marigolds and petunias which people plant year in year out!

Another huge favourite because of their ease of germination, fantastic scent and vast range of colours and varieties is sweet pea.  Wild flowers are also becoming increasingly popular every year. Finally, we stock a huge range of sunflowers which give great joy to children and adults alike as they grow higher and higher.

We also provide all of the accessories needed to help seeds grow, from seed compost to trays and small seed plug trays, biodegradable pots for transplanting on, propagator covers, hand trowels and forks. We can offer a huge knowledge to help you in your endeavour to grow seeds and we love to hear your stories of how a particular variety performed for you over the years.


Bulbs planting times are split into two seasons. Spring planting is done for summer flowering bulbs and autumn planting is done for spring flowering bulbs.

We use a bulb company called Taylors whom we have dealt with for many years. They are a large family business who provide very high quality bulbs. We find their bulb size and quality very reliable.  We also stock a huge variety of flower bulbs from the old traditional favourites to new exciting varieties.

A large selection of our daffodils are bought from an Irish grower, West Cork Daffodil, who specialise in growing daffodil bulbs for both planting and for growing on as cut flowers.

A little knowledge is a good tool when planting bulbs. It is a good idea to buy quality bulbs which are firm and of a good size. All kinds of sizes and grades are available.  Cheaper, inferior size bulbs yield much smaller plants and often don’t even flower in their first year. Healthy bulbs will thrive when planted.   It is also a good idea to use a small amount of bulb fibre in the planting hole or a good quality compost to give the bulbs a good head start.

In spring the bulbs which are planted are those which give great summer colour like Dahlias, Lilies and Gladiolas to name but a few.  In autumn you plant the flowers which show the onset of spring time like Daffodils, Tulips, Snowdrops and Bluebells for example.

Huge variations and colours of these flowers can be grown and the great thing about bulbs is that when they are planted and hide under the ground, they lie and wait for the right time to send up shoots above the ground and flower. Then after flowering they die back down preparing for the following flowering season.

Remember a quality bulb will give a quality flowering plant!

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