Garden Features       

There is room in every garden no matter how small for a feature item.  Garden features appeal to at least one of the senses, be it sight, sound, touch or smell.  At McGaugh’s we stock a huge range of features from simple flower pots, to garden sculptures, statues, water features, artificial greenery and beyond.

Planting Containers

In advance of Summer, we stock a variety of planting containers including ceramic pots, window boxes and hanging baskets in all shapes, sizes and colours which are filled with selections of summer bedding plants and flowers to add colour and form to your garden.

Alongside this we also offer a service whereby you can bring your empty pots window boxed and containers to be filled instore.  Following an initial consultation where your colour preferences, site conditions likes and dislikes are discussed, we will recommend what to plant and for a small fee will plant them for you.  We will hold onto your containers in order to water, feed and care for them until the weather is suitable for them to be collected by you and placed outdoors.

Garden Sculptures and Statues

When it comes to sculptures and statues, everyone has their own taste.  For this reason we stock a range of traditional and modern items to suit every type of garden, patio area or balcony.  These items make fantastic gifts for friends and family and are often a great conversation starter at a garden party.  We will of course arrange delivery for larger, heavier items.

Water Features

The right water feature has the potential to totally transform the look and feel of your garden.  The gentle noise of water trickling can calm even the nosiest urban outdoor scene.  Our range of high quality, resin based water features is extensive.  We highly recommend visiting our complex to view the range in its entirety.  It’s also a good idea to bring along some photos of where the feature is to be place so we can offer the best advice.

Artificial Greenery

At McGaugh’s, we know that not everyone has the time or inclination to maintain “real” lawns and plants.  For this reason, we stock a wide range of artificial grass and trellis for hassle free colour all year round.  Artificial grass is a fantastic solution for both residential and commercial properties.  It’s easy to install and maintain, meaning you never need mow, water of fertilise the lawn again.  WonderWal is another very innovative artificial trellis product which is fantastic for hiding ugly walls or simply adding interest. It maintains i’st colour throughout the seasons.  As the product is UV stable, you need never worry about fade.  Drop in today to check out our fantastic range.

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