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Gardening tips for October.

Hi Guys, and welcome to Ger s Blog. With the weather still been quiet mild it is a perfect time to get a few important jobs done around the garden. Any perennials that have fully finished can be cut back and top dressed with a little compost to help it over winter and have a better chance next year of looking its best. Watering, while not too much panic about this at the moment, but remember to keep an eye on your pots as the whipping winds can cause them to dry out quiet quickly and more often than not, the rain does not always fall in the pots.

Any newish shrubs or trees recently planted should have special care taken with them. Trees would have settled in a bit by now so the strapping on the steak might need to be tightened.

Mulching with bark or new compost will also help especially on evergreen trees or shrubs which will continue to respire as long as there is still some heat in the soil.

Now is the perfect time for bulb planting, ideally you should have your daffodils in the ground and the snowdrops, tulips, crocus and other bulbs can be planted. Good compost is needed to help the bulbs settle in and will help the roots to develop thus leading to plenty of flowers for spring.

Any beds that are empty now should get some attention. Try to add as much organic matter as possible, just roughly dig it through and you can leave it looking rough. The winter months should be kind to your bed and break the soil up for you. The more work you put in now the easier it will be in the long run for spring planting.

You can continue on with your weeding and if there are some evergreens that need to be moved now is a good time to do so. Remember any evergreen that in the ground longer than 4 years you are risking moving it as it would be well settled in and might not take the stress of the move. Good compost we recommend “Jacks Magic” and some bone meal will help with the move and the root development of the plant.

Lavenders can be trimmed back also any taller shrubs can be cut back to help them over winter. Remember that the bare rooted season is just around the corner, so having your soil prepared now and ready for planting in some hedging plants or tree whips which will be available soon in our garden centre.

Until next month, take care, keep gardening and remember we are only a 10 minute drive from Galway City, where you can get all you need under one roof.

Ger and all the team at McGaughs Garden Center.

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