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Bye Bye Blankie

Bye Bye Blankie

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  • Luxurious Baby Blanket
  • Reduces Attachment Gently
  • Clever Trimmable Layers

Extra Information:

We all worry how our child will let go of something they are attached to. Questions flood our minds – Will I just take it away? Will he or she give it away? Will he or she be ok? Will he or she be upset? How long before they settle again?

Bye Bye Blankie offers a simple solution, allowing parents to “shrink” the physical product while “growing” the emotional independence at their own child’s pace. Simply trim a layer away at every milestone.

As the child grows the Bye Bye Blankie shrinks so that they can have it with them, always.

The unique layers trim away to reduce the size of the Bye Bye Blankie as the child grows. (Great for any attachment concerns!)

How It Works:

If you want to reduce Bye Bye Blankie simply trim away the outside to the printed stitch line. Even after trimming, the blanket is always complete with discreet seams at each trim line.

Most importantly – the pattern repeats so it always look the same whatever it’s size.


Blue, Purple, Grey