HyClean Anti-Virus RTU (5ltr Drum)

HyClean Anti-Virus RTU (5ltr Drum)



HyClean is a highly effective broad-spectrum disinfectant with quick contact times (five minutes) against viruses. The active ingredient in HyClean is the same ingredient as is contained in products approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for sanitizing surfaces against viruses.HyClean is available in a user-friendly ready-to-use spray bottle along with concentrate formulations in 1 Litre, 5 Litre and 10 litre containers. The product is bleach free, alcohol free and phosphate free.HyClean Anti-Virus is an innovative formulation containing positively-charged surface agents which bind very well to negatively-charged membranes. In addition, HyClean has much better abilities to remain active in hard water and is more tolerant of anionic residues. HyClean is suitable for use on hard and non-porous surfaces including stainless steel, counter tops, glass, tiled floors, porcelain, plastic, glazed or sealed stone / granite.

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