Sockie Stars

Sockie Stars

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  • 3 pairs of Sockie Star Socks
  • 3 Interchangeable Sockie Star Capes

Extra Information:

Sockie Stars is an endearing, cleverly written story book promoting positive ‘wellness’ messages to children. The Story Book is accompanied by three sets of beautifully designed colourful Socks with Capes with Uplifting Messages sown into the soles of the socks. ‘Coco’ the ‘Brave’ socks, ‘Sockie’ the ‘Calm’ socks and ‘Todd’ the socks who realise that it is okay to be the ‘Odd’ one out. The Sockie Stars stories encourages the readers to wear the socks and feel a tingle in their toes and a warmth on their soles. This lets them know that that Bravery, Calm and Self-Acceptance is flooding through them. Now children can go out and face the world without carrying those heavy feelings around with them.


Age 3-5, Age 6-8

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