The Reindeer Feeder

The Reindeer Feeder



  1. Shrumann Plush
  2. A story book all about Erik, one little Reindeer Feeder and his journey to his first human home
  3. Feeder licence for you to complete when you give your Feeder a name
  4. The feeding sack for carrots on Christmas Eve
  5. A reusable window decal – this is like a bat signal to Santa to let him know help is on hand in your house

Extra Information:

What is The Reindeer Feeder? After centuries of doing their work, ‘The Reindeer Feeders’ are letting humans know who they are. They have probably been in your home for years, quietly working away. This special breed of creatures known in the North Pole as ‘Shrumann’ (shrunken humans) have the important job of overseeing all the Christmas preparations in your home and then on Christmas Eve, humans will place the carrots for the reindeer into the feeding sack ready for your Reindeer Feeder to pop up the chimney when Santa arrives. The storybook tells readers the heartwarming story of how one Shrumann learned all about his very important job. Make sure to put your official sticker in your window so Santa knows on Christmas Eve there is help on hand.

Weight 0.325 kg
Dimensions 150 × 80 × 30.5 mm