Welcome to McGaugh’s Gardening Complex

McGaugh’s Gardening Complex is a unique gardening experience. With five acres, just five miles from Galway City Centre, it is a real gardener’s paradise.

Planting and Shrubs at McGaugh’s

McGaugh’s Gardening Complex carries a huge variety of plants including trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, hedging and climbers. 

We have selected and work with only the best Irish nurseries.  Throughout the year, we visit the nurseries to ensure we deliver a consistently high quality product to our customers. Our complex is designed in such a way that you can browse around outside on your own and help yourself if you wish.


Expert Horticultural Advice

We pride ourselves on providing you with the best advice and solution for your particular requirements.  Our on site team includes four fully qualified and highly experienced horticulturalists.  Drop by today to discuss your next gardening challenge with one of our experts!

Have you a question for our team…

We are glad to answer any questions that you may have.

McGaugh’s Advice Corner

Sharon McGaugh

What fertilizer can I put on Bamboo?

One of the best liquid feeds out there for Bamboo would be a product called “Liquid seaweed”.

We stock it in the garden centre, just call in and ask a member of staff for it. Mix with water as per the instructions on the label and apply.

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